We want to give a huge thank you to the amazing turnout for our auditions! We had such a great group of kids come out and join the farm. Now, we want the following group to come back on Thursday, Dec. 7 at 6:30 p.m. to do some extra vocal work and line reading.

A couple of things to know for callbacks:

-Our musical director, Heather, will have music for your children to sing. So, don’t worry about bringing your own

-Each child will be asked to do some line reading – or an acting “call and response” for the little ones – so be prepared to embrace a character or two (or three or four!)

-Please bring a water bottle with you! You may be here for awhile, and you’ll want to stay hydrated

-Callbacks can be looooong. Be prepared to stay late.

*Note: if your name’s not on the list for callbacks, don’t worry! This does not mean you do not have a part. Our audition panel simply wants to have another look at this group. We will have the full cast list posted on Friday, so check back then!


Cole Henderson

Roy Hardin Jr.

Brinlee Carroll

Lilly Ireland

Braxtin Kuhn

Ava Lynn Tiff

Juniper Fields

Hayden Hilton

Lillian Myers

Alyssa Faubion

Zandra Magana

Mylie Hyder

Ian Thompson

Ella Bransfield

Lillyan Quinn

Abby Hollingsworth

Rainy Pickel

Tori Snow

Tara Snow

Tia Snow

Lenexa Butler

Aalyiah VanNest

Kiara Amber Brawn

Clayton Wester

Austin Hoffman

Maggie Key

Maggie Melvin

Delilah Boggs

Ellie Hartman

Bryna Norman

Hudson Aikins

Bryce Gavin Tiff

Lyssa Willis