MCT Education Institute: Disney’s 101 Dalmatians KIDS Technical Theatre Institute!

The MCT Education Department is thrilled to present its first-ever technical theatre institute! Registration is open to ALL AGES!

Disney’s 101 Dalmatians KIDS! is the perfect educational opportunity for those who know nothing about tech, and those who want a deeper understanding of tech. You will get the opportunity to learn about Sound, Lighting, Costumes, Props, Set Building, Set Painting, and everything else that goes into working tech for a show, with the opportunity to choose a concentration in the aspect you are most passionate about. Taking the skills you will learn and projects you will complete, you will be designing and running tech for the show at the end of the institute!

We will start with an informational meeting that will consist of completing important paperwork, getting your picture taken, and discussing what to expect during the entire rehearsal and production process. Students under the age of 18 should bring a parent with them. All you will need is a list of all possible conflicts for Jan. 7 – March 21, 2021. Once we are finished with the meeting, you will be dismissed.

Classes will continue Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings from 6-8:30 p.m. Weekly schedules will be posted in a private Facebook group as well as emailed each Saturday by noon for the following week.

Once you register, please request to join the private Facebook group “MCT’s 101 Dalmatians KIDS Institute 2021”. Here we will share important updates and class schedules.


Registration deadline: December 19, 2020

Registration fee: $20

Your show t-shirt and supplies are included in the registration fee!

Other important information

All crew and parent meeting: Monday, Jan. 4 at 5:30 p.m.

Rehearsals: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays from 6-8:30 p.m. beginning Jan. 7

Performances: March 18-20
*Note: A second weekend of shows could be scheduled for March 25-27 if the first weekend is sold out.


Based on the classic animated film, Disney’s 101 Dalmatians KIDS is a fur-raising adventure featuring Cruella De Vil, Disney’s most outrageous villain, and 101 of the most adorable heroes to set their paws onstage. With a high-spirited score and lovable characters, this stage adaptation is certain to charm and delight all audiences.

Pet owners Roger and Anita live happily in London with their Dalmatians, Pongo and Perdita, stalwart dogs devoted to raising their puppies. Everything is quiet until Anita’s former classmate, the monstrous Cruella De Vil, plots to steal the puppies for her new fur coat. The Dalmatians rally all the dogs of London for a daring rescue of the puppies from Cruella and her bumbling henchmen.