Thank you for everyone who came out and made the Awards Show a fun night out!

Check out the list of winners and photos from the event below!

Kelby Lorenz speaks on Marshfield Community Theatre’s new fundraising campaign, Impact 100 during the second MCT Awards Show on June 1, 2019. Lorenz would later deliver an emotional speech while accepting the first Board’s Choice Award.
Photo by Sheryl Atwell

Annie Winners

Favorite Actor: Ben Brewer (as Drake)

Favorite Actress: Ellen Spann (as Miss Hannigan)

Favorite Youth Actor/Actress: Aravis Leininger (as Annie)

Favorite Singers: Amy Miller (as Star-to-Be) & Ellen Spann (as Miss Hannigan)

Favorite Dancer: Kyrie Leininger (as Molly)

Favorite Crew Members: Erika Fields (Costume Mistress) & Toni Lorenz (Stage Manager)

Most Supportive: Kristen Walker (Director)

Jed Fisher tells a heartfelt story about his time during Junie B. Jones last winter. He also spoke on how important he feels MCT is to our community during the second MCT Awards Show on June 2, 2019.
Photo by Sheryl Atwell

Junie B. Jones in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells Winners

Favorite Actor: Jon White (as Sheldon)

Favorite Actress: Libby Morgan (as Lucille)

Favorite Crew Member: Toni Lorenz (as Producer)

Most Supportive: Crystal Hilton (as May)

From left: Brendan DePriest, David DePriest, Sara Munsey, Sean Deakyne, Jenn Smith and Kelby Lorenz dance and sing a skit called “Shows MCT Currently Can’t Do” during the second MCT Awards Show on June 1, 2019.

Aladdin, Jr. Winners

Favorite Actor: Alan Barlow (as Genie)

Favorite Actress: Amy Barlow (as Jasmine)

Favorite Singer: Alan Barlow (as Genie)

Favorite Dancer: Travis Harper (as Kassim)

Favorite Crew Member: Sue Esquivel (as Producer)

Most Supportive: Sue Esquivel (as Producer)

MCT Awards

Board’s Choice Award: Kelby Lorenz

Outstanding Community Supporter: Marshfield Electric

Shooting Star Award: Sue Esquivel

Heritage Award: Sandee DePriest