Disney’s Descendants: The Musical

Cast List & All Cast Meeting Information

Thank you to everyone that auditioned for Descendants the Musical! It took a lot of courage to stand in front of everyone and perform for us, and we are so proud of each and every one of you. If your name does not appear on the list below, we encourage you to join us for our summer camps and our weekly classes. More information can be found on our Education page.

Congratulations to the cast of Disney’s Descendants the Musical! Our first cast meeting will be held on Saturday from 2-4 p.m. at the MCT Building (430 McNabb Rd). If you are under 18, you will need a parent with you to sign paperwork from 2-3. We are so excited to begin this journey with you. Let’s get rotten to the core!

Carolyn, Jacob, and Melissa

Cast List

Mal –  Lenzie Goodman
Evie – Sue Wiertzema
Jay – Thomas Ferguson
Carlos – Hudson Aikins
Maleficent – Kayla Buecker
Jafar – Jose DelaTorre
Cruella de Vil – Danielle Boggs
Grimhilde (The Evil Queen) –  Judy Luxton
Ben – Tyler Rockwood
Jane – Lillyanne Vestal
Chad – Travis Harper

Audrey – Renee Elkady
Doug – Ian Thompson
King Adam – TBD
Queen Belle – Alicia Adamson
Fairy Godmother –  Kimberly Vestal
Maurice – Brendan DePriest
Coach – Rhonda Whitlock
Snow White – Sophie Gregoroski
Royal Page – Ethan Brower
Royal Guards – Clayton Wester and Levi Legan
(Dance Captain – Skyler Heinzel)

Daughter of Drizella – Audie Roderick
Daughter of Governor Ratcliffe – Emerson Burk
Daughter of Captain Hook – Hayden Hilton
Daughter of Anastasia – Kaitlyn Riggins
Son of Bowler Hat Guy – Levi Legan
Daughter of Mother Gothel – Sierra Smith
Daughter of Kronk – Delaney Graham
Daughter of Captain Barbossa – Jillian Adamson

Daughter of Gaston – Alyssa Spencer
Daughter of Mad Hatter – Chloee McClellan
Daughter of Ursula – Daisee McClellan
Captain Barbossa – Jillian Adamson
Daughter of Syndrome – Reagan Inman
Daughter of the Queen of Hearts – Skylar Heinzel
Daughter of Smee – Sophie Gregoroski

Daughter of Esmeralda – Sara Stone
Daughter of Elsa – Alyssa Faubion
Son of Meg and Hercules – Damian Vestal
Daughter of Merida – Gracie Wester
Daughter of Buzz Lightyear – Savana West
Daughter of Tinker Bell – Natalie Cruise
Daughter of Linguini – Tailor Applegate
Daughter of Kim Possible – Shiann Westfall
Son of Milo and Kida – Ethan Brower
Daughter of Jazmine and Aladdin – McKenzie Abella
Daughter of Violet – Majlin Johnson
Son of Christopher Robin – Austin Hoffman
Son of Wreck It Ralph – Eric Willis
Son of Quasimodo – Clayton Wester

Audie Roderick
Delaney Graham
Emerson Burk
Eric Willis
Hayden Hilton
Hudson Aikins
Kaitlyn Riggins
Levi Legan
Sierra Smith
Thomas Ferguson
Travis Harper
Tyler Rockwood

Alyssa Spencer
Chloee McClellan
Daisee McClellan
Jillian Adamson
Lillyanne Vestal
Reagan Inman
Renee Elkady
Skylar Heinzel
Sophie Gregoroski

Alyssa Faubion
Alyssa Spencer (Daughter of Chip)
Clayton Wester
Delaney Graham
Eric Willis
Ian Thompson
Levi Legan
Renee Elkady
Sophie Gregoroski (Daughter of Mary Poppins)
Travis Harper
Tyler Rockwood

Son of Maui – Luke Johnston
Daughter of the Blue Fairy – Emily Replogle
Daughter of Isabella and Phineas – Addison Twaddle
Daughter of Roger and Anita – Zoe Hunt
Daughter of Jane and Tarzan – Kaylee Scheetz
Daughter of Woody – Teagan Morgan
Daughter of Raya – Mila Abella
Daughter of Carl and Ellie – Lila Johnston
Daughter of Anna and Kristoff – Daisy Rockwood
Daughter of Pinocchio – Abbie Hoffman

Daughter of Yzma – Isabella Shaw
Daughter of the Mad Hatter – Cricket Cantrell
Son of Captain Hook – Jackson Shaw
Daughter of Hans – Whitley Malone
Daughter of Lady Tremaine – Miriam Gallagher
Son of Hades – Brantley Dunn
Daughter of Madame Medusa – Addison Shaw        
Daughter of Queen of Hearts – Kora Ming

Daughter of Rapunzel/Auradonian 1 – Riahlyn Vestal
Daughter of Alice in Wonderland/Auradonian 2 – Zoee Fiscus
Daughter of Tarzan and Jane – Tosha Christensen
Son of Peter Pan and Wendy – Jacob Vestal