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Our 2021 Cast

Congrats to the 2021 cast of the MCT Spotlighters! It’s so great to think that just 3 months ago, we began we just 5 people, and now we’ve doubled in size. Be sure to follow all our social media accounts to see this amazing group in action as we create great content!

  • Owen Smith
  • Kyrie Miles
  • Amber Brand
  • Dane Psyhos
  • Crystal Hilton
  • Ben Hamilton
  • Brody Albers
  • Meredith Johnston
  • Brandy Rice
  • Brendan DePriest

Meet the 2020 MCT Spotlighters

Kelby Lorenz – Executive Producer

Kelby is the Executive Producer for the MCT Spotlighters and has been an active member of MCT for 15 years, performing and helping in a variety of shows over the years. Kelby has worked behind the scenes during the last six years as a director, technical director and producer. Kelby loves creating new and fun pieces of content that push the Spotlighters to grow as performers and as human beings. He’s always planning the next big thing for the group, so stay tuned for what’s coming soon!

Owen Smith

Owen Smith is 20 years old and is excited to be a part of the MCT Spotlighters. You may have seen him recently as Mr. Green in MCT’s production of Clue on Stage. He has also been seen on stage previously in Our Town, Don’t Drink the Water and Grimm’s Brothers Spectaculathon, all at Fair Grove High School. He is attending OTC for electronic media production and wants to do anything and everything in entertainment.

Amber Brand

Amber Brand has been involved with MCT for the last several years, currently as MCT Board President. You may have seen her in past MCT productions, including End of Our Lives, Mad Hatters Mystery Tea Party and Par for the Corpse. Other theatrical credits include assistant director of the children’s production of Alice in Wonderland, directing Charlotte’s Web and Co-Producing Frozen, Jr. Amber Brand owns and operates Clay Street Boutique in Marshfield, is married to Michael Brand and is the mother of Tyson, Slate, and Rock.

Dane Psyhos

Dane Psyhos is a freshman at MSU where he majors in History Education. On top of being a college student, he is also an MCT Spotlighter! You might have previously seen him in Seussicsal The Musical (Wickersham Brother) or in Clue on Stage (The Motorist) here at MCT. In his high school career, you might have seen him in several productions, including his favorite, Don’t Drink The Water (Axel McGee). Dane can’t wait for everyone to see all the shenanigans we have in store for you!

Crystal Hilton

Crystal Hilton has been an avid theatre fan for her entire life, participating in Aurora Community Theatre as a child and school drama/debate as a teenager. She has worked in technical roles with MCT on and off for five years and was on-stage most recently as Tattletale May in Junie B. Jones in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells. Other MCT performances include Par for the Corpse. She had an amazing experience, even though most of the audience thought she was the murderer! Away from theatre, Crystal spends her time leading a girl scout troop and chauffeuring her 12-year-old.

Kyrie Miles

Kyrie Miles is a music educator with her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Music Education. She has been involved with theatre and stage productions since an early age. In high school, she was actively involved on stage as an actress in musicals, including Honk, Jr. and Little Women. She has also worked backstage as a props mistress, crew chief and makeup designer. Kyrie has been the orchestra conductor for three of MCT’s musicals – Shrek the Musical, Annie Get Your Gun and Into the Woods. She also played in the orchestra during Annie and worked on the technical team during Seussical the Musical.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Spotlighters?

A group of adult performers whose main purpose is to create consistent video content for our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts.

Note: This does not mean the content will be “adult” in nature, but just a way to give our adult performers something consistent to do throughout the year.

What will they do?

The MCT Spotlighters will create a variety of video content for social media, including:

  • Original skits and sketches
  • Licensed video plays
  • Music videos/performances
  • MCT announcement videos/voice overs
  • MCT promotional videos
  • Occasional live performances, if needed

How often will the group meet?

This is the cool thing! The Spotlighters will meet twice a month. The first Saturday of each month will be focused on filming and planning content. Then, we’ll meet one other night each month to plan out costumes and props.


Who can audition?

Anyone 18 and up! While we can use musical talents, it’s not required to audition. So, feel free to come out, audition and see what it’s all about!

When are auditions?

Our next set of auditions will be in December of 2020. Stay tuned for more information!

How will auditions work?

For musical auditions, please prepare a 1-minute vocal selection so we can hear your voice. An accompanist and/or a speaker will be available to play with your selection. Also, please plan on staying for the open acting auditions.

Open auditions will be for all actors. Everyone will be asked to participate in improv games and to read from a selection of provided scripts.

From there, our audition panel will discuss and post the cast list as soon as possible.

What does the commitment look like?

We understand that things change throughout the year, so we have different amounts of time set for you to choose from. When auditioning, you’ll choose between a 3-month, 6-month or 1-year long commitment. If an actor chooses a 3- or 6-month commitment, a new round of auditions will happen to fill their open spot when it becomes available.

Everyone will need to re-audition at the end of the calendar year.