Pup-arazzi Blog: A note from the director

Carolyn Billingsley,
101 Dalmatians KIDS! Director & Choreographer

To the cast and technical theatre campers of 101 Dalmatians KIDS, 
All of my favorite theatre memories have happened when I felt bonded with my team. I had complete trust in them and they had complete trust in me, we kept a positive mindset even when things got hard, and we had an unspoken agreement to have each others’ backs through it all.

From the second you all met at our first rehearsal, I watched as you created this bond instantaneously. I was completely blown away and had no doubt right then and there that this group is special and we were in for a very fun ride. 

We have created a great show for our audiences and I am very proud of that, but in my opinion, this is not even our biggest accomplishment. I am so proud of how inclusive you were from the second I placed you in small groups and that every single cast member and technical theatre student was welcomed with open arms. I love hearing your giggles and seeing your huge grins as you support your friends from the wings as they perform their scenes. I am beyond proud of the older kids in the cast for taking the tiniest cast members under your wing to help them remember dance moves, find the correct page of their script, and making sure no one is sitting by themselves. 

You all have worked extremely hard these past few months and you are so ready to finally perform your show for a live audience! Break a leg and cherish every moment. 

With love,


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