Pup-arazzi Blog: Not to get too technical…

Pup-arazzi Blog: Not to get too technical…

Kelby Lorenz,
101 Dalmatians KIDS!
Asst. Tech Director

Hi everyone! I’m Kelby Lorenz, the Assistant Technical Director for 101 Dalmatians KIDS!

When I signed on to be a part of the Dalmatians production team, I was excited to teach our first technical institute. But, I was also nervous about doing a good job as a teacher for our tech campers.

Yet, here we are. We’re under 1 month from opening night, and I have never felt so excited to be a part of a show. Being able to teach our campers has been incredible, with each one of our students bringing a ton of potential. Without getting too technical, we’ve covered so much over these past few weeks, including the basics of designing, building and thinking through lighting, sound, props, costumes and set design. Through it all, I’ve found that I love teaching these students.

Kelby Lorenz teaching the
sound design lesson during
the 101 Dalmatians Tech Institute

Just like with any show, we’ve gone through our setbacks. We missed almost 2 full weeks of rehearsal and camp because of the “snow-pocalypse” that recently happened, and that has definitely brought some worry. Because of it, we’ve had to rethink our set design and alter the lesson plans we created to make sure we can still teach our students everything they need to learn and prep the show.

But, our students are taking it in stride. They totally get why we needed to change our plan and are still having a ton of fun working on the show.

The students in both the production and technical institutes are working incredibly hard on this show. We hope you get to come see what happens when everything comes together. Until then, be sure to follow what we’re up to on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube! You can also get your tickets right here on our site. (Did you like that promo? I can’t help it, I’m also MCT’s Marketing Director!)

Thank you for your support of 101 Dalmatians KIDS!

Kelby Lorenz,

101 Dalmatians KIDS! Assistant Technical Director

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