Pup-arazzi Blog: Rocking the stage

Exploring the voices of 101 Dalmatians KIDS!

Kyrie Miles,
101 Dalmatians KIDS!
Music Director

Wow! 101 Dalmatians KIDS! has taken the town and are rocking the stage! Walt Disney was said to live by the motto- Dream, Believe, Dare, Do. Those words are exactly what the cast and crew of this show are doing.

Now, I acknowledge I have a bias, but working with students can be the most rewarding pastime. The kids we have the privilege of working with in 101 Dalmatians are making huge strides as theater lovers. We’ve been able to explore our voices. Each and every challenge Carolyn and I present, this group has risen to the occasion to create great things for this production.

The moments I have found most heartening have come when we are working through the hard things. Students who are well-acquainted with the production process are stepping in to assist those who may be experiencing the world of theater production for the first time! It is awe-inspiring to see the future leaders that the MCT Education department and this institute are creating. These kids are putting their hearts into learning all they can from this show.

Kyrie Miles

101 Dalmatians Music Director

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