Pup-arazzi Blog: Sparking the love of tech theatre

Pup-arazzi Blog: Sparking the love of tech theatre

Christian Barnard
Technical Director,
101 Dalmatians KIDS!

Teaching these students about technical theatre is always the highlight of my day. I found my love for tech when I was 9 years old. An amazing mentor from church had taken me under their wing and trained me in sound and lighting. Dalmatians has given me the rewarding experience of sparking that same joy in the lives of others. 

As Dalmatians is coming to a close, our tech students get to transition from learning to actually putting on the show. We will take the set pieces, props and costumes that they created and transform a school gym into the city of London. The students will take the knowledge they have learned and begin running the lights, sound, special effects and spotlights for the actual show. What an exciting time it is for these young kids to see their designs come to life on stage!

There are always more opportunities for both children and adults to learn about technical theatre and help with tech during our shows. If you sew, paint, build, enjoy crafts or are just interested in learning, we have projects of all sizes waiting for you! Contact me if you are interested in volunteering because the shows we do are not possible without amazing volunteers like you! 

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