Terrifying Tales: Carnival Catastrophe

Kelby: Hello! Welcome to the Pulse, the podcast for Marshfield Community Theatre. We have a great line up today as we…

Eddy: C’mon, Betty! It’ll be fun!

Betty: I don’t know Eddy, the carnival closed hours ago, and I think we need to head home.

Eddy: Oh, come on! Imagine the fun we can have now that nobody is here. No lines, no rules, just a fun night of adventure for me and my best gal.

Betty: But what if we get caught? My parents would be real sore about the whole thing.

Eddy: Betty, we won’t get caught. There ain’t a copper for miles around. Let’s live a little. Have some fun. Here, I’ve got a little something that might help us both get some courage.

Betty: Is that booze? Eddy, you’re bananas if you think I’m going to drink that!

Eddy: Lighten up, doll! Take a swig and let’s go.

Betty: Okay. If you think it’s okay, I trust you.

Betty: This is creepy Eddy. Everything’s so dark and scary.

Eddy: Don’t worry babe. I’ll protect ya. Let’s go look at those funny mirror things.

Betty: Eddy, you look ridiculous. I always knew you had a big head.

Eddy: Hey, at least I don’t look like my hips are a giant pear!

Eddy: Ow!

Betty: Serves you right!

Betty: What was that?

Eddy: I didn’t hear nothin’.

Creepy Clown: What a surprise…

Betty: Eddy, stop it! You’re scaring me!

Eddy: What? I didn’t say anything. Maybe you had one swig too many doll face.

Betty: Maybe YOU had one too many. I know I heard something.

Betty: I don’t like this, Eddy. I’m scared. We need to leave. Where’s the exit?

Eddy: I’m not sure.

Creepy Clown: Oh… Don’t leave so soon…

Betty: Who are you? Where are you? This isn’t funny! We’ll leave right away if you’ll just tell us where the exit is.

Eddy: Hey Betty, I think I see the exit over…

Betty: Eddy? Eddy, where are you?

Creepy Clown: Eddy’s gone, Betty. It’s just you and me now. Don’t be scared. Clowns like me just want to make you laugh.

Betty: No. No. Stay away. No!

Kelby: Hello? Okay, it looks like we’re back. Sorry the technical issues there. I’m not sure what happened or what you’ve been hearing. But, I’m sure it’s fine! We’ll get this figured out and we’ll be back later this week. This is Kelby Lorenz, signing out for The Pulse.


Did you enjoy our scary story? Stay tuned for more coming your way as The Pulse is taken over by terrifying tales from throughout history.

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We’ll scare you soon…

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