Terrifying Tales: Ice Cream Scream

Kelby: Hello! Welcome back to The Pulse, the podcast for Marshfield Community Theatre. We experienced a few technical issues in our last podcast, but we’re hoping they’re fixed. Some strange things have been happening lately, that’s for sure. But as we say in the theatre: The show must go on!

Narrator: Once, many years ago, there was a small, sleepy town in the Ozarks that was forever changed over the course of one summer. The town was quiet and never saw much excitement. People knew each other well and lived their lives as if trapped in a perpetual cycle of monotony. Until the ice cream truck appeared. Nobody knew where it came from. Nobody knew the man who drove it. Nobody questioned it. Everyone loved the truck. It always brought joy to all people. But it was the children who loved it the most. They would beg their parents every day for a few coins to buy a cone or a popsicle to cool down after playing in the hot sun. That was the problem.

Charlie: Mommy! Can I get a cone today? Please?

Mother: Charlie, you’ve gotten a cone every day this week. You can surely do without one today.

Charlie: But, it’s so hot out, and I love ice cream! Please, just one more! I’ll never ask again!

Mother: Well, I think we both know that isn’t true. But I guess it’s okay. You have been a good boy playing while I’ve worked on the house today. Here. Go get your cone.

Charlie: Thanks, mommy!

Charlie: Can I have one cone, please?

Ice Cream Man: Sure thing, scamp. Chocolate or vanilla?

Charlie: Hmm… Chocolate!

Ice Cream Man: Good choice, kid. Good choice.

Mother: Charlie? Come inside, dear. I need your help with some things. [Beat]. Charlie? [Beat]. Now, where did he go? Charlie? Come inside, now. This is not funny, young man.

Mother: Charlie? Charlie, where are you? Charlie?

Narrator: She spent months looking for Charlie. Nobody saw the ice cream truck again after that day. When the mother went to ask if anyone had seen her precious boy, she learned of other children who had gone missing. The small Ozarkian town was shaken to its core. Who could have done such a terrible, terrible thing? The world may never know. From that moment on, anytime anyone heard the sound of an ice cream truck, doors would lock, windows would shut, and everything would grow silent. Almost as if the world had stopped, fearful of losing another precious piece of life to something so innocent in nature.

Kelby: Hello? Are we back? I apologize again, friends. I’ve never had this happen before. There are definitely some spooky things going on around here. If anyone knows what is happening, please let us know. I hope we have it figured out soon. This is Kelby Lorenz, signing out for The Pulse.


Did you enjoy our scary story? Stay tuned for more coming your way as The Pulse is taken over by terrifying tales from throughout history.

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