You’re invited to our 2020 MCT annual meeting!

Whether you’re a current MCT member or not, we’d love to have you come and celebrate all our accomplishments this year and the holiday season!

We are going to have some amazing musical performances this year from students in our Education Department. Plus, the MCT Spotlighters will be on-site to do a live comedy sketch!

Mark your calendars for Dec. 14 to join us for a night of fun and togetherness. We’re meeting in the gym at the Marshfield Community Center to still be together, but allow for plenty of social distancing!

Annual Meeting
Dec. 14 | 7 PM

Marshfield Community Center
110 Commercial St, Marshfield, MO 65706

2021 MCT Board Nominees

We are right under one month out from our annual meeting, which means it is time to announce our slate of board nominees. The proposed group of board members will be voted on by active MCT members during the annual meeting.

The slate of officers

President: Amber Brand
Vice President: Kelby Lorenz
Secretary: Toni Lorenz
Treasurer: Rhonda Whitlock
Director (3-year term): Angie Hoffman
Director (2-year term): Mike Dowler
Director (1-year term): Cindy Uchtman
Student Board Member: Majlin Johnson

Note: The current MCT Board of Directors notes the familial relationship between nominees Kelby and Toni Lorenz. While this is not prohibited under Robert’s Rules of Order or federal/state law, the 2021 Board of Directors will do everything needed to make sure this relationship is accurately reflected to the appropriate governing organizations and in conducting MCT business.

Absentee Voting

With COVID-19 still restricting gathering sizes, we are offering current members the chance to vote ahead of the annual meeting. If you would like to vote absentee, please send an email to by Nov. 30.