MCT is the Theatre with Heart.

Our productions are more than shows. They are the product of our sweat, tears and sometimes a little blood.

Our shows take audiences away to truly enrich their lives through the joy, love and hope that theatre gives.

Every time an audience comes to our shows, they feel the heartbeats of every cast and crew member who worked to make the theatre magic come alive.

They feel our heart.

The 2019 Board of Directors

Sue Esquivel | President

Danielle Boggs | Vice President

Melanie Brown | Secretary

Monica Robinson | Treasurer

Sheryl Atwell | President Ex-Officio

Mike Dowler | Director

Toni Lorenz | Director

Amber Brand | Director

Holly Smith | Student Member

Marshfield Community Theatre is a non-profit organization located in Marshfield, Missouri, that produces live theatre productions for the 417 area.