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Marshfield Community Theatre is launching the Impact 100 campaign. Learn more from this video and by scrolling down on this page!
Featuring Brendan DePriest
Video by Kelby Lorenz

Leave a Lasting Impact

MCT is excited to announce a new way for you to support your Theatre with Heart called Impact 100.

What can you do with $10?

Buy a pizza? Go to the movies? Get a few coffees? What if you could use that $10 could help support MCT instead?

Why should you join the movement?

MCT is in the need of a forever home. We have outgrown our rehearsal space, and we need our own theatre to continue supporting our mission of bringing the performing arts to our community. Your $10 a month can help us get one step closer toward that forever home.

What is Impact 100?

We’re looking for 100 people willing to give $10 a month for one year to help support our efforts to get our forever home. That’s
it. Just $10 every month.

Support your Theatre with Heart

MCT is proud to bring the arts to our community, and we want to continue showcasing the incredible talent that it has to offer. We welcome in everyone from all walks of life and love seeing faces new and old in every show. We’re the community theatre with heart. Our productions are more than shows, they are the product of passion and love for theatre. Our shows take audiences away to truly enrich their lives through the joy, love and hope that theatre gives. Every time an audience comes to our shows, they feel the heartbeats of every cast and crew member who worked to make the theatre magic come alive. They feel our heart. Help us keep that feeling alive, and join the family by signing up for Impact 100.

Ready to give?

It’s easy! Visit the Community Foundation of the Ozarks donation portal. Fill out the form, making sure to click “Recurring Monthly Gift.” Then click Donate Now. That’s it! You’re set to give.
Thank you for supporting Marshfield Community Theatre. We can’t wait to see you at our upcoming shows, so be sure to say hi!