Congrats to the cast of Annie! We want to thank everyone who auditioned, you made it very tough for our directing team! Be sure to view the whole list, some people have multiple roles!

As a reminder, we will have our all-cast meeting April 27 at 6:30 p.m. in the MCT building, where a $20 costume fee will be due, as well as an optional $10 T-shirt order. More info will come your way soon!

Annie-Aravis Leininger 

Annie-Amiah McCall 

Molly-Kyrie Leininger 

Kate-Chloee McClellen 

Tessie-Chloe Bateman 

Pepper-Sierra Smith 

July-Aubrey Miller 

Duffy-Kaydence Cameron 

Orphan Ensemble:

Mylie Hyder 

Rainy Pickel 

Miss Hannigan-Ellen Spann 

Oliver Warbucks-Doug Cannon 

Grace Farrell-Stephanie Bateman 

Rooster Hannigan-Alan Barlow 

Lily St. Regis-Bailey Doran 

Franklin Delanor Roosevelt-TBA 

Drake-Ben Brewer 

Bert Healy-Elijah Biggers 

Connie Boylan-Amy Miller 

Bonnie Boylan-Sarah Burks 

Ronnie Boylan-Cindy Ballard 

Star-to-Be-Amy Miller 

Bundles McCloskey-Mack Best 

Announcer-Elijah Biggers 

Mrs. Pugh-Sarah Butler 

Mrs. Greer-Christy Willis 

Cecille-Amy Barlow 

Annette-Shannon Yeomans 

Ickes-Ben Brewer 

Perkins-Laura Uhl 

Hull-Brad Yarbrough 

Morgenthau-Kyle Willis 

Howe-Elijah Biggers 

Kaltenborn-Elijah Biggers 

Marine Guard-Mack Best 

Fred McCracken-Mack Best 

Wacky-Austin Hoffman 

Sound Effects Man-Kyle Willis 

Jimmy Johnson “The Masked Announcer”- Ben Brewer 

Producer-Brad Yarbrough 

Dog Catcher-Ben Brewer 

Assistant Dog Catcher-Mack Best 

Lt. Ward-Holly Smith 

Policeman 1-Elijah Biggers 

Policeman 2-Tommy Smith 

NYC Cop-Elijah Biggers 

Usherette-Shannon Yeomans  

Apple Seller-Tess Devine 

Eddie-Brad Yarbrough 

Sophie-Cindy Ballard 

Hooverville Woman 1-Moriah Daugherty 

Hooverville Woman 2-Avery Brown 

Hooverville Woman 3-Jody Ireland 

Hooverville Woman 4-Amy Barlow 

Hooverville Man 1-Kyle Willis 

Hooverville Man 2-Alan Barlow 

Hooverville Man 3-Mack Best 

Hooverville Man 4-Ben Brewer 

Man with Papers-Mack Best 

Judge Brandeis-Special Guests TBA 

Chauffeur-Kyle Willis 


Amy Miller 

Jody Ireland 

Chelsey Brown 

Avery Brown 

Moriah Daugherty 

Kaitlyn Sammons 

Lyssa Willis 

Mack Best 

Elijah Biggers 

NYC Star Dancers/Tappers:

Chelsey Brown 

Amy Barlow 

Avery Brown 

Moriah Daugherty 

NYC Dancers/Tappers:

Austin Hoffman 

Kyrie Leininger 

Kaydence Cameron 

Jody Ireland 

Tess Devine 

Ben Brewer 

Mack Best 

Alan Barlow 

NYC Ensemble:

Holly Smith  

Kyle Willis 

Christy Willis  

Lyssa Willis  

Eric Willis  

Tommy Smith  

Sarah Burks  

Laura Uhl  

Cindy Ballard  

Sarah Butler 

NYC Kid-Juniper Fields  

NYC Kid-Sawyer Bateman  

Hooverville Ensemble:

Eva Kensinger 

Bailey Doran 

Juniper Fields 

Lyssa Willis 

Christy Willis 

Eric Willis 

Mylie Hyder 

Rainy Pickel 

Shannon Yeomans 

Sarah Butler 

Laura Uhl 

Austin Hoffman 

Kaitlyn Sammons 

Girls Ensemble:

Kaleah Burks 

Shayla Smith 

Ashley Stevens 

Lenexa Butler 

Maggie Key 

Lillian Myers 

Ellah Benz 

Bailey Hardin 

Emily Eoff 

Kaylee Wallace 

Lily Ireland 

Kate/Tessie Understudy-Mylie Hyder 

Pepper/July/Duffy Understudy-Rainy Pickel 

Hannigan/Boylan Sisters/Star-to-Be Understudy-Tess Devine 

Grace/Lily Understudy-Amy Miller 

Warbucks Understudy-Michael Payne 

Rooster Understudy-Ben Brewer 

Bert Healy Understudy-Mack Best