20th Season MCT Award Show

We're excited to host our annual MCT Award Show Gala again this year at the United Methodist Church!
Join us to see who takes home awards from our 20th Season: Almost, Main, The Great Gatsby, The Little Mermaid Jr, Peter Pan Jr, Night of the Living Dead and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.
Plus, we'll be handing out our non-show awards, including our Community Supporter Award, Board's Choice Award, the Heritage Award and the Shooting Star Award!
Don't miss out on the fun, be sure to mark your calendars to be there and see who wins!

Almost, Maine Winners

Favorite Actor/Actress: Liam Bergthold - East/Phil

Most Positive Cast Member: Jillian Adamson - Hope

Favorite Crew Member: Brandy Rice - Stage Manager/Properties Manager

Most Positive Crew Member: Brandy Rice - Stage Manager/Properties Manager

Education Spotlight: Atlas Roderick


The Great Gatsby Winners

Favorite Actor: Elijah Biggers - Jay Gatsby

Favorite Actress: Allegra Schaeffer - Myrtle Wilson  & 
Lenzie Goodman - Daisy Buchanan

Most Positive Cast Member: Lenzie Goodman - Daisy Buchanan

Favorite Crew Member: Erika Fields - Costume Mistress

Most Positive Crew Member: Emily Lawson - Choreographer & Erika Fields - Costume Mistress


The Little Mermaid, Jr. Winners

Favorite Principal Actors: Caedmon Wilcox - Chef Louis & Coy Plein - King Triton

Favorite Principal Actress: Jordan Porter - Ursula

Favorite Youth Ensemble Member: Savana West

Favorite Intermediate Ensemble Member: Zoie Endicott

Favorite Junior Ensemble Member: Cricket Cantrell

Favorite Singer: Miliani Kloster - Ariel

Favorite Dancer: Finley Bradley

Most Positive Cast Member: Miliani Kloster

Favorite Crew Member: J Perry - Assistant Director

Most Positive Crew Member: J Perry - Assistant Director

Education Spotlight: Hayden Hilton & Ian Thompson


Peter Pan, Jr. Winners

Favorite Principal Actor/Actress: Oliver Floyd - Captain Hook/Mr. Darling

Favorite Supporting Actor/Actress: Presley Diercks - Starkey

Favorite Youth Actor/Actress: Veda Ringo - Wendy

Favorite Intermediate Actor/Actress: Daisy Rockwood - Tiger Lily

Favorite Junior Actor/Actress: Cricket Cantrell - Brave Girl

Favorite Singer: Shylar McShane - Peter Pan

Favorite Dancer: Finley Bradley - Pixie Dust

Most Positive Cast Member : Veda Ringo - Wendy

Favorite Crew Member: Dylan Bradley - Acting Instructor

Most Positive Crew Member: Dylan Bradley - Acting Instructor

Education Spotlight: Ian Thompson, Miliani Kloster, Veda Ringo


Night of the Living Dead Winners

Best Actor: Kris Hunter - Ben

Best Actress: Samantha VanWyhe - Barbara

Best Zombie: Chante Michaud

Best Crew Member: Kelby Lorenz - Director/Tech Director/Marketing

Most Positive Cast Member: Kris Hunter - Ben

Most Positive Crew Member: Susie Smith - Assistant Director


The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Winners

Favorite Actor: Ryker Travino - Charlie Bradley

Favorite Actress: Zoee Fiscus - Imogene Herdman 

Most Positive Cast Member: Jenn Smith - Grace Bradley

Favorite Crew Member: Sierra Smith - Production Assistant 

Most Positive Crew Member: Samantha VanWyhe - Director

Non-Show Award Winners

Heritage Award Winner - Laura Vinehout

Favorite Community Supporter Winner - First Baptist Church of Marshfield

Board's Choice Award Winner - Susie Smith

Shooting Star Award Winner - Kelby Lorenz