The Art of Murder

The Art of Murder is an original show written by local performer and playwright, Patrick Schuster of Murder All Around, LLC. The Art of Murder is a new comedic murder mystery and silent art auction.


Dates & Times
Aug. 8 & 9 | 7 p.m.
430 McNabb Rd.
Marshfield, MO

Audition Materials
Check out the sides you’ll be auditioning with to prep ahead of time here!

Character Breakdown

Countess Von-Schtuchplestein-Mashugenah-Mihalevich-York (Schtupie)
An aging socialite who has lost her mind.

Rupert York
The stepson of Countess Von-Schtuchplestein. He is overly emotional and intent on preventing the auction, stealing the painting and selling it on the black market for cash.

Tallulah Leilana   
Rupert’s fiancée, gold digger and worlds worst actress.       

Adelaide Whimsey
A photojournalist turned amateur detective.

Clive Cumberbatch
A self-made billionaire with a digestive order and a fraud. He has a strange unidentifiable accent.

Jonathan Golding
Countess Von-Schtuchplestein’s attorney. He is also the curator and auctioneer for the evening.

Georgeanna Hayes (Georgie)
Countess Von-Schtuchplestein’s great granddaughter. A spoiled and self-absorbed teen with no respect for her elders. She fancies herself the next greatest fashion designer.