Almost, Maine: A Note from the Director

Almost, Maine is all about love. Love in every messy, exciting, challenging, surprising, and joyous way that is possible. It just so happens that I love love, so getting to direct this piece is an opportunity I am beyond excited about. 

I recently moved back to Springfield, this city and all surrounding areas make up a community I care so deeply about, after seven years living in Chicago. Theatre has been the center of my world since I was a kid. What started out as a fun hobby to push me out of my shy shell, turned into a BFA in Musical Theatre from CCPA at Roosevelt University and various professional opportunities in the years to follow. These days, I work as a Producer for Locke and Stache in Springfield, MO, the chance to play again in the theater is falling at the perfect time. Additionally, working alongside Assistant Director, Jose Dela Torre, brings me the greatest rush of joy. (We have been besties since the second grade. We met doing theater together and look at us now! Life is so clever.)

My goal for this play is for all actors, crew members, and audience members to feel seen through these strong and vibrant characters. Almost, Maine showcases love stories of every kind, characters of every background, and moments in time that celebrate the beauty of connection. I am thrilled to work with the incredible local high school actors that will be bringing these stories to life. Together, we will delve into strong character development, and sweetly funny shared experiences that the playwright has gifted us. Young actors depicting these characters and moments in time will, I hope, bring great growth for these actors and bring even stronger connections to the audience members. Young love, of all kinds, is simply an irreplaceable experience. What a joy to be able to bring this to light. 

High school students in the surrounding areas, I want you to audition and join in on this beautiful experience that lies ahead of us! Your energy, talent, and fresh mindset will be needed for this collaborative project. I can’t wait to work with you.

Almost, Maine runs February 16-18, just after Valentines Day. I hope you will join us for an evening of love stories. Young love, tired love, strained love, self love, sisterly love, friendship love, lost love, rediscovered love… in Almost, Maine, there is a place for every love story. 

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