Audition Notice: You Have the Right to Remain Dead

Audition Notice:
You Have the Right to Remain Dead

Marshfield Community Theatre is getting ready to cast its production of the interactive murder mystery: You Have the Right to Remain Dead. Auditions will be held on Aug. 21 and 22 at 7 p.m. in the MCT Rehearsal Building at 430 McNabb Road, Marshfield, MO. The show will run Oct. 6-8 at 7 p.m. and Oct. 9 at 3 p.m.

We’re looking for 10 performers from ages 14 and up. The audition will consist of improv exercises, cold reading from the show and prepared monologue performances from everyone who auditions.

Everyone should prepare a comedic monologue no longer than 1 minute in length from an existing play. If you have any questions about your monologue preparation, please reach out at

If needed, there will be callbacks on Thursday, Aug. 25 at 7 p.m.

What to do before your audition

Please fill out our online audition form and then bring the following with you to your audition:

  • A conflict calendar for Aug. 29-Oct. 9 (We have a sample calendar you can download and bring with you to your audition)
  • A headshot to be kept with your audition form
  • Clothing you can comfortably move in, with closed-toe shoes
  • A willingness to step outside of the box and try new things

Other Resources:
Monologue Library
Monologue Library

Character descriptions:

  • Harnell Chesterton | pompous narrator, around 40, a man without an unexpressed thought | Male
  • Officer Bainbridge | a long-suffering police detective, 30s | Can be male or female
  • Blanche LaToure | a rather frazzled director, 30s | Female
  • Arnold Turnbull | a large man, 40s | Also plays Fat Daddy | Male
  • Doris Turnbull | a selfish actress, 40s | Also plays Sweet Mama | Female
  • Lois Jacobsen | a coltish woman, late 20s | Also plays Savannah | Female
  • Steve Randall | a new comer to the group, 20s | Also plays Earl | Male
  • Leigh Dorsett | business-like, 20s | Also plays Hyacinth | Female
  • Ajax Conroy | not too bright, 20s | Also plays Clete | Male
  • Trudy Marsh | the ultimate “techie”, we are looking for someone who can play between the ages of 16-19 | Can be male or female

Show Synopsis

You’ve just settled down in a theatre to solve an audience-participation murder mystery. The narrator comes out and gives you a few “ins and outs” on what to look for in the play. The show starts and you meet Fat Daddy, a rich but vindictive southern gentleman with an equally conniving and scheming family. Then you’ll meet the others: Sweet Mama, Daddy’s pandering wife; Hyacinth, the daughter who’s always cleaning the family firearms; Earl the worm, or his overly amorous wife, Savannah; or Clete, the sullen handyman who, for some reason, is in the will? Once the murder occurs, the director comes on stage and the police arrive. Now you have to figure out whodunnit. And not only are you questioning the cast, but they are questioning you! Yes, you are a suspect as well! This frantic mystery-comedy will have audiences guessing until the last clue is dropped and the last ham overacts.

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