Discovering my calling: Ethan Brower

Life before MCT was, well, boring! I, of course, enjoyed sports and other childhood activities. But, as I got older, I gained an interest in theatre and the performing arts, so I decided to look up opportunities. The problem was I was 12 years old, and I didn’t realize how close theatre was in the area. So I gave up and decided to stick with baseball.

Ethan Brower and Hayden Hilton at a promotional event for Grease: School Version

2 years pass and I still have yet to find a theatre company. Then like a calling, one of my mom’s friends shot her a Facebook post about an MCT audition. I WAS STOKED, and my excitement only grew from there!

I got in, and not only was it such a fun experience, it taught me more about becoming a thespian, and even about making new friends!

Fast forward another year and I’m on stage as a lion. The Lion King Jr. experience was so fun and inspirational! From learning lines to dancing and singing, this production improved my vocal, dancing, and acting techniques. I also figured out, after dealing will the “littles” of The Lion King, I want to go to school to be a music or theatre teacher. I forever will be indebted to the welcoming love for the Midwest and other areas’ communities. It really is a theatre with heart!

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