Lessons learned: Savana West

Savana West as Trudy Marsh in MCT's production of You Have the Right to Remain Dead
Savana West as Trudy Marsh in MCT’s production of You Have the Right to Remain Dead
Photo by Kelby Lorenz

I’m Savana West and I got to play Trudy Marsh in You Have The Right To Remain Dead with MCT.

Being in this show was so much fun and it really opened up a new door I feel like. Being in a cast of adults was super exciting for me! 

Me and the cast and crew were all so so close. Being in my first adult show was so incredible. We all supported each other, helped each other out, and there was never a dull moment at rehearsal. There were lots of hugs, smiles, inside jokes and we even had a little cheer backstage. 

I feel like I’ve learned so much too! I learned a lot about improv in the beginning; I learned a few ways to help with memorizing lines, and really all sorts of things! I had a blast interacting with the audience, it was a lot of fun. 

This show touched my heart, and I’m definitely gonna miss it!

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