Giving Tuesday: From our marketing director

A letter from our Marketing Director, Kelby Lorenz

Kelby Lorenz
Photo provided by Kelby Lorenz

Hi, it’s me again.

You’ve heard from me already talk about our Giving Tuesday fundraiser this year. But I thought I’d talk to you more about why I’m so invested in this campaign.

Let me ask you first: what does it mean to be an advocate for the arts? For me, that means you’re willing to be a champion for the creative. To stand in the gap and scream from the rooftops that the arts are important.

Because they are.

And not just theatre, music and dance. Film, photography and content creation are all artforms that can spark creativity and help people truly make sense of themselves and the world around them.

With that, can I tell you a story?

Let’s turn back time all the way to the year 2003. MCT, known then as the Marshfield Performing Arts Society, was getting ready to produce their first large-scale musical: The Wizard of Oz. And there was a young boy, around 8 years old, went to his first audition to be a part of the show. He practiced his audition song (“Amazing Grace”) for weeks. He walks in, opens his mouth to sing… and bursts into tears.

Kelby Lorenz & Thomas Ferguson backstage during MCT’s production of Mamma Mia!
Photo provided by Kelby Lorenz

But he was still cast as a munchkin official. He had the time of his life in rehearsals. And then came the big moment: opening night. He stood in the wings, stomach turning in knots, nerves set to completely overtake him. He took a step onto the stage, felt the lights hit his face, heard the music from the orchestra and felt… something click.

It was a spark. The spark of creativity to would light his way for years to come. The spark that would lead him to unabashedly pursue a life as a creative for his whole life. To become a writer and a photographer. And to give back to the theatre that gave him everything and believed in him as tears fell down his cheeks during that first audition.

I’m sure you’ve guessed that the kid was me. But, it’s true.

MCT gave me the opportunity to unlock my creativity. To dream big and welcome challenges head on. And I want to give others that same opportunity.

That’s why we need your donations this Giving Tuesday. To reach the kids who sit with interested outside of theatre. To give them the same opportunities as everyone else who comes through our doors. To light the spark of their creativity and change the trajectory of their lives forever.

Your donation can do that.

So, donate. Stand in the gap. Provide opportunities for everyone to explore their creativity. Make a difference. Be an advocate for the arts.

You can donate online at or by mailing in your donation at:

P.O. Box 344
Marshfield, MO 65706

Thank you for making a difference and supporting MCT. If you donate, let us know by tagging us on social media and using #MCTAdvocateForTheArts. We can’t wait to see the impact we make together.

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